What is Keeping you from Dreaming Big?


Are you being bullied

Are you Being Bullied?

If you are being bullied on the internet or face to face, verbally or physically, consider this…report the incidents to your bus driver, teacher, coach, principal, counselor, or parents. You’re having a hard enough time trying to figure out your own motives and actions, you don’t have the time, nor are you professionally qualified to diagnose another person’s mind, motives, and behavior. It is not your job to figure out why someone is bullying you. If you’re being cyber bullied, file a complaint with the site they are doing it on, for example, if you are being bullied on Facebook or Twitter you can file a complaint with them. If you are being physically bullied or attacked, consider contacting the police, file a formal complaint and get a personal protection order (PPO) against the bully or bullies.  Don’t worry about being called a “snitch” or “rat.” You are not the criminal. You’re not a mafia member or gang member. The whole “code of the streets” to “stop snitching” or “snitches get stitches” is total bullshit! It doesn’t apply to you. It would be foolish of you to protect those who bully you by keeping the abuse a secret. Document the dates, times, and places the bullying occurs. Document who, what, when, where, and how. Share that info and documentation with an adult authority figure. It is their job to protect you. It is their job to provide and maintain a safe environment for you. It is their job to investigate, examine, and analyze situations and conditions which potentially prevent you and your fellow students from learning appropriately. They are professionally trained and qualified. Let them do their job. So be truthful with them, help them, help you. Lastly, you do have a natural God given right to defend yourself if and when you are in danger. It’s an instinct called self-preservation. If somebody is physically attacking you, protect yourself. But protecting/defending yourself does not mean bringing a weapon to work or school. Protecting yourself does not mean plotting plans for revenge.  Defending/protecting yourself does not mean killing someone. Protecting yourself does not always mean fighting. Self-defense can also mean using your mind to think your way through dangerous situations and sometimes two minds are better than one. Silence is not a good option. Talk to a professional. Talk to the adults in your life. Give them a chance to help you. Give them a chance to love and protect you.

gay or lesbian

Are you Gay/Lesbian?

Love transcends age, race, gender, social status, time, distance, and circumstance. In this way, two people of the same gender can love each other. A male can love another male, a female can love another female. But there is a big difference in the act of “loving” someone versus actually being “in love” with someone. Romantic love involves physical and sexual attraction and if you feel that way for another person and they towards you, that’s your personal and private preference. But public displays of affection (P.D.A) ie, holding hands, provocative dirty dancing, feeding each other food, kissing and hugging, etc. These open expressions of love and intimacy put the public in your business. Students at your school, fellow coworkers at your job, society in general may not be as accepting, evolved and understanding of your actions. Out of that ignorance and fear you may be bullied and ridiculed. You and your partner may be discriminated against or physically assaulted. People may gossip and spread false hurtful rumors about you and your family. If you’re determined to stand on your truth, if you’re truly expressing your authentic self, and if you’re devoted to your partner and the lifestyle you’re living, let your focus rest on the love and companionship you experience within that relationship. Knowing in your heart that the perfection of our creator includes the imperfections and peculiar behaviors of all human beings. Only God can truly judge you. Whether gay or straight, you are still a physical manifestation of our spiritual Creator. And that means you are very important. You are loved. Your life matters…

If you are being disrespected or assaulted due to your sexual preference, you should report it immediately to an authority figure within your environment. Speak with a teacher, a counselor, a principal, or a coach. Speak to a police officer, a lawyer, or a pastor, just speak up. You must talk to a professional. Shame and pride must be pushed aside. You must stand on your truth. You should also consider contacting agencies which deal specifically with your situation. Agencies like GLADD at GLADD.org or try reaching out the LGBT community at Thegaycenter.org. These are agencies with trained professionals who can relate to your circumstances and have resources that can aid and assist you further…

Lastly, in order to deepen your understanding of the totality of your situation and how it affects others in your life. Consider looking at the flip side of the coin. How do your family and friends feel? Your parent/parents love you. Your family and friends love you. They’ve known you for what feels like forever and imagined all the major moments that you’d experience in your life. They’ve imagined your graduation, your prom, your first real job, your first year at college. They’ve imagined your wedding and maybe what your first child would look like. They desire to see these events come true. Because in their minds, their feelings for you and the things they want for you are what’s best for you. So when you announce or when it is discovered that you are gay or lesbian, it shocks the hell out of them. Your choice to live an alternative lifestyle goes against everything they’ve imagined and wanted for you. To them it’s like a slap in the face. They personalize it. This is one of the many reasons they react so unsupportive.  Family and friends feel like you’re rejecting their dreams and desires for you. Some may even feel like you’re rejecting their God and religion, or rejecting their “normal lifestyle.” They’re offended by what they feel and perceive as “your rejection” and sometimes they strike out against you. They might feel embarrassed and ashamed, worrying that others outside of the family may view them as bad parents or accuse your family of being weird. They may also fear for your safety, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Remember, that they do love you, they just may have not been ready for this situation. But they will learn to love you as the person you truly are, not as the person they wanted you to be. They may never truly understand and agree with your choice. Yet, they may respect your ability and right to make a choice.

Do you have any questions?  We are sure you do!  Feel free to ask us anything, nothing is too personal, too trivial, too out there. We welcome all questions and it will help us in helping others.  If you want a private response you can go to the contact us section and it will be handled as such.



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