What is Keeping you from Dreaming Big?

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What does Dream Big & Live Big really mean?

One of the most powerful attributes we possess as human beings is our imaginations. Our ability to envision abstract mental constructs and our willingness to hold that construct, giving it form, cultivating it until its ready to be born on Earth.  This creative ability is what separates humans from the animals.  We all have the capability to use our minds as a womb, a mental womb, spawning unlimited and endless realities.  If we can believe in what we mentally conceive, we all achieve our collective and individual destinies.  To dream is to aspire, to think, to plan, to have goals and to be ambitious.  We want you to wake up each day and to move with aim, purpose, and positive intent towards building and achieving a life filled with joy and abundance.  We want you to see yourself in your mind as successful and to use your God given gifts to become that vision of success.  We want you to Dream Big & Live Big…

How do I use this page?

Sometimes there are road blocks or sticky situations you may find yourself in.  These situations may prevent you from seeing two inches in front of your face let alone your potential for greatness. As time progresses, our list will get longer, but for now click on a question that represents a question you may have and you will be directed to our answer. There is also an opportunity for you to send us your questions too so we can answer them and maybe even add them to our site.


Are your parents too controlling?Do your parents suffer from alcoholism?question1Are boys distracting you?Do you have a bad attitude?Are you pregnant?Something getting in the way?




gay or lesbian




Is alcohol affecting your grades











Are your parents too controlling?

Are your parents too controlling?  Or do they not agree with your career choice?

Always remember that your parents love you and naturally want to protect you from harm. They always have your best interest at heart. Sometimes they are so afraid of what may go wrong with your choices/dreams that they lose focus on what may go right. Show them how serious, dedicated, and passionate you are about your dreams and goals. Show them the upside. Share with them your research. Show them what can go right. You can’t take the control away from your parents, but you may be able to persuade them to share some of the decision making with you by supporting your idea and allowing you the freedom to Dream Big and ultimately to Live Big…Key Concepts: Seriousness/Dedication/Passion/Research


Do your parents suffer from alcoholism?

Do your parents suffer from alcoholism or drug abuse?

This may be the weakest moment of their lives, so you’ll have to be strong for them. Sometimes people use drugs because they want to escape their reality or alter their reality. Whether they abuse it due to sadness, disappointment, self-hate, pleasure seeking, or just poor life style choices, you may never understand, but remember your parents gave you life, so don’t judge them. Respect, recognize, and appreciate the roots from which you’ve grown. Do not blame yourself for their problem. Your parents may have struggled with addiction far before you were even born. It’s not your fault. Love your father and mother, express that love for them by being the best “you” you can be. Through your grades, chores, words, actions, and deeds, every day, let the light of your love shine bright. Your mother or father may draw inspiration and strength from you. Even when you think they don’t notice you, they are always watching. Follow their rules, but don’t follow a negative example. You don’t have to do what they do or be what they are. You don’t have to use drugs or become a heavy drinker. You can be better, you can be bigger. You can Dream Big & Live Big…



 Are you in a gang?

Consider this: It’s natural to desire love. It’s natural to desire respect, praise, admiration, and appreciation. When our family doesn’t give us these things to us, when these cravings and needs aren’t satisfied in the home, some of us seek gratification within our extended family, a “street family.” The street fam has a specific color and code they live by. It’s very easy to become allured and addicted to that gang code, culture, and lifestyle. But is it really a “lifestyle” or is it a “deathstyle?” Does the behavior you display with your “street fam” produce love and life or does it produce destruction and death? Shootings don’t produce life or love. Murder takes away life, therefore it is not a lifestyle choice, it’s a deathstyle choice. Pushing poison on the block doesn’t produce life & love. Poison is death. Dope dealing, crack selling, weed, heroin, and meth are all death. So you are actually dealing death. You sell death to make money, and then you buy boy toys (cars, guns, jewelry, clothes) that attract others who wish to bring you death. Rival gangs, even some riding under your same flag hate and envy you. They want your boy toys and your territory. They plot to rob you. They plot to bring death to your doorstep. Bullet holes and knife wounds don’t produce life & love. Bullet fragments, projectile, and puncture wounds bring death. Others lay traps and give info about you to authorities. D.E.A., A.T.F., F.B.I, City & State Police Task Force & Gang Units chase you to catch you and lock you up in prison for life. The criminal justice system brings death to you, death by incarceration…Do the names you call yourself represent life or death? Monster, Goon, Goblin, Beast, Insane, Hitman, Street Assassin? Do any of these names represent life? Do they represent the lifestyle of a future multimillionaire or an international mega rich business owner? Do you want to be a home owner or a home invader? A car designer or a car jacker? You don’t go to prison for owning a home, you don’t get shot down in the street for designing a car…You’re so young, so strong, so hungry and ready for big things. Life behind bars isn’t what you want. Life in a wheelchair isn’t what you want. Life on the run looking over your shoulder isn’t what you really want. Shooting and being shot at isn’t what you really want. Letting a lawyer take all your money in an effort to beat a criminal case isn’t what you want. Letting the police impound and confiscate your motorcycle, car, and home isn’t what you want. So if you are tired of the “deathstyle” and you want to live a better “lifestyle” try this…Let’s network, let’s find others who we can connect with who feel the same way. Instead of getting on Facebook and posting negative things, things that perpetuate the same deathstyle, try posting something like these statements for your posts:

  • “I’m tired of living this deathstyle, I want to live a better life”
  • “I’m sick and tired of going to funerals watching all my friends die young”
  • “I desire more for myself and my family”
  • “I see no future this way in this crazy environment, I deserve better”

Let’s see how many comments or likes you get from these posts on Facebook.  The plan is to put yourself in the right place at the right time, with the right people in the right frame of mind. Just as there exist gangs, cliques, and crews who hang together for criminal reasons, there also exist groups, squads, and teams who hang together for legit reasons. This is the beginning of fraternities/sororities, companies, corporations, enterprises, conglomerates, firms, foundations, committees, and commissions. But in order to grow out of the “deathstyle,” in order to grow into companies and corporations, you have to change your mind. Your mind is like a magnet. When you think criminal thoughts, you attract the criminal world to you. Thoughts of death & crime, bring death & crime in your life. Intelligent thoughts of success, health, harmony, wealth, education, life, love, and family will attract the future doctors, nurses, dentists, architects, firemen, postal workers, teachers, the lawyers, the bosses, the supervisors, the big thinkers, the inventors, the nerds & geeks, the college students, the smart young girls & boys who are trying to change themselves & the world we live in. Use your “mind magnet” to pull to you a better life with better friends. Use the internet and Facebook for more than just posting fights and silly vines talking about sex and/or other fights. Learn how to network. You got to Think Big, Dream Big, & Live Big…

Do you have any questions?  We are sure you do!  Feel free to ask us anything, nothing is too personal, too trivial, too out there.  We welcome all questions and it will help us in helping others.  If you want a private response you can go to the contact us section and it will be handled as such.


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