Welcome to Dream Big, Live Big!


Featured Guest Writers keeping it real with thought provoking essays

Featured Guest Writers keeping it real with thought provoking essays


Welcome to Dream Big & Live Big!

We provide online advice for teenagers and young adults.  No subject is too heavy.  No topic is off limits.  If for whatever reason you’re uncomfortable discussing something with your parents or someone you trust locally, then you can talk to us anonymously.  You never know, you might even find others in the same situation as you!  If you need more private personal life & crisis consultation, or counseling, please contact us.

The Philosophy of our website is that “thought is the cause of action.” If you think better thoughts then you will act better and live a better life.  When you know better, you’ll do better.  We don’t define what “better” is for you.  However you define “better,” whatever “better” means to you, is ultimately what we want to help you achieve.  Whether with good grades, temporary job selection, college or career choice, or strengthening your relationships, we help you become better in whatever areas of your life you request.  Please use common sense.  The word better in its common usage means: improved to a higher or greater degree, to grow or become more.  So anything happening in your life, if something is going on that’s preventing you from or distracting you from becoming more, growing, advancing, evolving, progressing, etc., within that context is where we are looking to help.  We are not going to help you manipulate or violate rules, regulations, or laws, nor manipulate people for that matter.  We simply desire to help you become the best “you” you can be.  Any tragedy, dilemma, or sticky situation that’s in your way, we are looking to clear the path allowing you to Think Big, Dream Big, & Ultimately to Live Big…

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3 thoughts on “Welcome to Dream Big, Live Big!

  1. Tiffany….. This looks great! Best of luck in your endeavors. This is just what our teens and young adults need. I will be sure to pass your info to the teens I work with.

    Ms. Napier

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